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Baby Shark Christmas Dance Song ~ Merry Christmas 2018 Sing and Dance! [4K]

Published on 15 Jul 2018 / In People & Blogs

Baby shark Christmas Song for kids from viola kids we hope you love this version ..

상어 가족 | 아기 상어 | 동물동요

Here's the Super Simple version of classic song for kids, Baby Shark Sing and Dance

Baby Shark Doo Doo Doo Doo Song Faster & Faster | Sharks and more Animal Songs | Songs for Children

Baby Shark

★상어 가족 스페셜★ | 모든 버전의 상어 가족 총집합! | 국악놀이 상어 가족, 할로윈 상어 가족, 그리고 재밌는 상어 가족 게임까지!| 핑크퐁! 인기동요
Baby Shark...Baby Shark
Baby Shark...Merry Christmas

Mommy Shark...Mommy Shark
Mommy Shark...Merry Christmas

Daddy Shark...Daddy Shark
Daddy Shark...Merry Christmas

Grandma Shark...Grandma Shark
Grandma Shark...Merry Christmas

Grandpa Shark...Grandpa Shark
Grandpa Shark...Merry Christmas

Dance and play... Dance and play
Dance and play... Dance and play

Jingle bells... Jingle bells
Jingle bells... Jingle bells

Santa’s here... Santa’s here
Santa’s here... Santa’s here

Merry Christmas... Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas... Merry Christmas

It’s the end...It’s the end
It’s the end...It’s the end

con cá mập con Chú Cá Mập Hung Hăng

Baby Shark Halloween | + More Kids Songs for Halloween

hiu bayi

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Baby Shark Song | Baby Shark Dance for Kids Educational Video for Children Baby Nursery Rhymes

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